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When to go to Flores and Komodo?

You are planning a trip to the islands of Flores and Komodo and want to know the best time to go? The seasonality of travel to Flores and Komodo can be approached from different angles depending on the trip you are aiming for.

Weather, tourist influx or best time for a dive trip to Komodo, here is when to go to Flores and Komodo.

Going to Flores and Komodo according to the weather

Flores and Komodo have a drier climate than their neighboring islands. This can be felt and seen in their arid landscapes. Komodo has no forest or lush jungle but a savanna-like setting, while Flores is a very hilly island alternating between cool mountains and dry plains.

The weather in Flores and Komodo is much the same:

  • The dry season is from April to October, with temperatures alternating between 23°C and 35°C. It hardly rains at all during this period and the average amount of sunshine is 8-9 hours per day. If you stay in the higher parts of Flores, especially in the Bajawa region, the temperature is cool in the evening. It is therefore a good idea to bring a fleece or even a woolen jacket for those who are a bit chilly!

  • The rainy season in Flores and Komodo is between November and March. This is a rainy season, not to be confused with a monsoon! It does not rain continuously. It is more a question of strong episodes of scattered rain. This does not prevent a trip to the islands of Flores and Komodo at this time. The risk of showers is more frequent during the months of December, January and February

Going to Flores and Komodo according to the tourist influx

The peak tourist season in Flores and Komodo is between July and September, and again in December. If you are looking for a quiet trip, we strongly advise you to plan your trip to Flores and Komodo outside these periods.

In our opinion, the best periods are March, April and May after the rainy season. The landscape is greener and there are not yet too many visitors.

For those who like to travel against the flow, it is quite possible to travel during the rainy season, which is the low travel season in Flores and Komodo. The showers don't spoil the trip and make your Indonesian adventure even more exotic. This last point applies to travelers who do not wish to scuba dive, as the weather will have a great influence on the organization of a diving trip to Komodo.

Seasonality of a Komodo dive trip

A dive trip or a dive cruise in the Komodo archipelago is best organized between April and October. Weather and sea conditions make diving more complicated outside these months.

The water temperature varies between 25° and 28°C throughout the year and visibility is generally very good to a depth of 20-30 meters. It is important to note that the currents are strong, and an advanced level of diving is recommended for a dive trip to Komodo.

Of the 67 dive sites in the Komodo archipelago, all of them are rich in underwater flora and fauna! Although let's be honest, the diving in Komodo is not as good as in Raja Ampat!

The Komodo archipelago boasts the second largest population of Manta Rays in the world, after the Maldives. During your dives in Komodo, you will also see beautiful corals, numerous pelagic fish, turtles, nudibranchs, seahorses and octopuses, black tip sharks and in the north of the archipelago Mobula rays, white tip sharks and gray sharks.

The best time to dive in Komodo is from May to September.

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