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Traveling in Indonesia with kids

Traveling in Indonesia with kids is a wonderful experience for you and for them. Unlike some other destinations in Asia, Indonesia is making it very easy to travel with children whether they are toddlers, young or teenagers. This is surely due to the importance that Indonesians give to family in their culture and their everyday life.

Here are some tips to prepare your family trip to Indonesia.

Do you need a visa for your children when entering Indonesia?

Currently, any citizen of any age entering Indonesia must obtain a visa on arrival. Even young children and babies are subject to it.

There is no need to do anything in advance. The visa is simply a stamp on your passport issued upon arrival in Indonesia entitling you to a stay up to 30 days. You just have to make sure that your passport is valid for more than 6 months.

As of December 7, 2022, the price of the visa on arrival is 500 000 rupiahs per person.

Is it safe to travel to Indonesia with kids?

Yes, Indonesia is generally a safe country and the people are warm and welcoming.

Nevertheless, here are two points to watch out for when you travel to Indonesia with your children:

- Indonesia is not a pedestrian-friendly country. There are very few sidewalks and sometimes these are used by scooters when traffic is chaotic. So make sure that your children stay alert if you are walking on the side of the road and that they look on the right side of the road before crossing! (We drive on the left lane in Indonesia).

- Watch out for monkeys. When you visit parks or especially the monkey forest in Ubud, they can sometimes be aggressive. Keep your children at a distance, especially if they are carrying valuables that can be stolen by the monkeys!

What transportation to choose in Indonesia when traveling with children?

If Indonesians are able to fit their family of several children and their dog on their scooter, it is not recommended to opt for this solution if you are not used to driving in Indonesia! Chaotic and stressful, it can quickly become risky.

Only the major cities in Indonesia offer public transportation.

If you want to travel to the more rural areas of Indonesia, or even to remote destinations, it is recommended to book a private driver service. This will save you the hassle of renting a car and being on your own. Indonesian drivers are generally cautious, accommodating drivers and have the advantage of knowing useful detours when traffic is heavy!

Child-friendly food in Indonesia

If your kids love rice, then they will feel in heaven! White, red, black, yellow rice, every day has its own color! The main dishes being made with chicken, pork, fish, tofu and tempeh, it is not difficult to find what you want. However, beware of the chillies in some traditional dishes! It can be surprising!

"Tidak pedas" meaning "not spicy" will surely avoid some surprises!

If your children prefer western food, it is very easy to find it on the menu in the most developed destinations. However, if you go on a family adventure in more remote areas, you will probably have a hard time finding western food.

Stay with the inhabitants !

Staying with the locals guarantees an authentic and warm experience that your children will appreciate. Indonesians love children. They are happy to share activities and experiences with them. Cooking lessons, introduction to traditional dance or music, you will share friendly and unforgettable moments with your hosts.

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