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10 reasons to go to Raja Ampat

Every moment spent in Raja Ampat is a reason to go there, from the experiences you live to the landscapes you cross. It is difficult to describe Raja Ampat in words. For those of you who are still hesitating about the legitimacy of Raja Ampat being called "the last paradise on earth", here are 10 good reasons to believe it and to see it:

1. Cut yourself off

Raja Ampat is one of the few territories left where it is still possible to be cut off from the world! No phone signal, no wifi. No way to check your emails. If this may seem terrifying for some, we always end up appreciating this disconnection with the world.

2. Swim with turtles and sharks

Raja Ampat's underwater ecosystem is among the richest in the world. It is therefore not uncommon to come across turtles and small, harmless black tip sharks during a snorkeling or diving trip. The lucky ones will also see majestic manta rays passing in front of their mask.

3. See the most beautiful corals in the world

No need to be a scuba diver to appreciate Raja Ampat's coral treasure. Soft and hard corals, multicolored and even phosphorescent, they shelter thousands of small fishes just as impressive. The particularity of Raja Ampat is that the sun illuminates the beauty of this scenery located in shallow waters, offering an unbelievable visibility.

4. Sail in a pristine setting

Cruising in Raja Ampat is a dreamy and unforgettable experience. Imagine yourself aboard a beautiful Phinisi sailboat cruising through a backdrop of pristine islands and crystal clear water, escorted by a pod of dolphins or manta rays. Read our article dedicated to cruises in Raja Ampat.

5. Live a Robinson Crusoe experience

Raja Ampat can be discovered in many different ways. On a cruise, in a resort or in a guesthouse. This last option, with its more rustic comfort, offers you the possibility to live a Robinson Crusoe experience. Sleep in a small local guesthouse on stilts, go fishing and taste the fresh fish of the day. Live a simple and authentic experience with a Papuan family.

6. Meet the relaxed Papuans

What a contrast to our western lifestyle! Meeting the Papuans living in the remote islands of Raja Ampat, hours away by boat from the nearest city, is a real life lesson. You will not forget the kindness and simplicity with which they welcome you.

7. Have the best dives of your life

Many divers say that diving in Raja Ampat sets the bar for other sites. Raja Ampat sets the standard for an experience that is rarely equaled. Underwater photography enthusiasts will be delighted. Clear waters, a reef life very rich in macro and small creatures of all kinds! Large pelagic fish, sharks, carpet sharks, manta rays, dolphins, it is even possible to meet Dugong and whale at certain times of the year. This richness is explained by the fact that Raja Ampat is a territory of 1,500 islands, most of them uninhabited, with no fishing practiced.

8. Canoeing or paddling between the karst islands of Wayag

The clear, calm waters of Wayag, in the far north of Raja Ampat, are best explored by kayak or stand-up paddle. Lose yourself between its small karst islands, alone in the world.

9. Admire the birds of paradise, endemic species of Papua

There are 37 types of birds of paradise scattered all over New Guinea. They vary in size and shape and color, but all of them are professional dancers. As you might know males BoP attract females by performing complex dances and it is the highest goal for every male bird to be as handsome as they can. Some types of birds of paradise can be seen in Raja Ampat, among which is the Cendrawasih Kuning Merah, Red Bird of Paradise, emblem of Papua.Don't miss the chance to witness its parade during a jungle tour.

10. Do you really need a 10th reason to go to Raja Ampat?

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