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Descent of the Inerie volcano, Flores, Indonesia




  • Climbing the Inerie volcano

  • Hiking the Kelimutu volcano with its 3 colors lakes

  • Climbing the Egon volcano

  • The traditions of the Ngada clans 

  • The vestiges of the Portuguese influence in Maumere 

Day 1: Ende airport - Bajawa

Flight to Ende and transfer to Bajawa

You land in Ende in Central Flores. You meet your driver who brings you to your hotel in the mountain of Bajawa, in the Ngada region. There, you meet Ryan, your guide for the rest of the tour. Ryan was born into a traditional Ngada clan. His knowledge of the clan's culture and rituals were passed on to him by his father. With him today you visit the hot spring Mengeruda and then a small hot waterfall surrounded by rice fields.


45 min flight. 3 to 4 h drive. With English speaking local guide. Accommodation: standard hotel. Meals: breakfast.

Climbing the Inerie volcano in Flores, Indonesia

On the way to climb the Inerie volcano

Walking around the caldera of Inerie volcano, Flores, Indonesia

Walking on the caldera of Inerie volcano 

Day 2: Bajawa

Climbing Inerie volcano

You wake up before dawn this morning and get ready to climb the challenging Inerie Volcano with Ryan. From the base of the mountain it takes about 3 hours to reach the caldera rim. If the weather is not too cloudy, you can enjoy a great view over green forests and the sea from here. The summit of the volcano is at 2,245 meters, making it the highest point in Flores! You have time and can enjoy the view in peace. Then comes the most challenging part of the trek: the descent. It is done via another path, where you have to slide down over sharp rocks and volcanic sand. Back at the base of the volcano, a short drive takes you to a nearby hot spring. Here you enjoy a hot bath before heading back to Bajawa for lunch. The rest of the day is for resting.


It is strongly recommended not to wear valuable clothes and bring gloves for the hike. High boots are also a big plus to avoid sand and small rocks in the shoes during the descent.

40 min drive. 7 h excursion. With English speaking local guide. Accommodation: standard hotel. Meals: breakfast.

Day 3: Bajawa

Visiting the traditional Ngada villages

After breakfast, you leave with your guide for a cultural day tour to the Ngada villages around Bajawa. You first drive to Bela, the oldest megalithic village of the Ngada ethnic group, where only 23 families live. Life here is organized around the ancestor poles, where the souls of the elders are worshipped. Castes, ceremonies, sacrifices, weddings, funerals, births, matriarchal system; these Ngada villages are of immense cultural richness. You continue to the village of Bena, which is more interesting for tourists because it is of impressive size. The women there weave ikats, and you are of course invited to have a local coffee in one of the traditional houses. From Bena, you finally leave for an easy hike through the jungle to reach the last Ngada village: Tololeda. Your driver meets you there and you are back in Bajawa in the afternoon.

1 h drive. 2 h walk. With English speaking local guide. Accommodation: standard hotel. Meals: breakfast & lunch.

The traditional village of Bena in central Flores, Indonesia

The traditional Ngada village of Bena

Inside Bena village, Flores, Indonesia

Bena village

Day 4: Bajawa - Kelimutu

Transfer to Moni village, at the foot of Kelimutu volcano

After breakfast you drive to Moni, a small village at the foot of the famous Kelimutu volcano. The small village has a nice reggae atmosphere, very different from the rest of Flores. Around Moni and the volcano there are various hot springs and hidden waterfalls that are easy to explore. In the afternoon you can visit a hot spring or waterfall for a swim before dinner.

20 min walk. 5 h drive. With English speaking local guide. Accommodation: standard hotel. Meals: breakfast.

Day 5: Kelimutu - Maumere

Ascent of Kelimutu volcano and transfer to Maumere

Around 7am you drive to Kelimutu volcano. Literally, Kelimutu means "boiling mountain" and is home to 3 stunning lakes of different colors. The hike is rather easy and in the early morning it is mostly cloudy around the volcano. When the sun rises the clouds disappear and from the viewpoint you have a good view of the lakes. During the year the lakes change their colors and go from green to red to blue to white. The locals strongly believe that during the color change, offerings must be made to honor the spirits of the deceased. In fact, the first lake is said to be for the spirits of the young, the second for the spirits of the old, while the last is for the spirits of the wicked. Then you drive to the big city of Maumere, stopping on the way at Koka beach. After lunch, you visit one of the oldest Portuguese churches in Flores, a remnant of the strong Portuguese colonization until 1975.


1 h hike. 3 to 4 h drive. With English speaking local guide. Accommodation: comfort hotel. Meals: breakfast.

Panorama over the Kelimutu lakes in Flores Indonesia

Panorama over the Kelimutu volcano and its lakes

Flores lush landscape, Indonesia

Flores typical scenery

Day 6: Maumere

Climbing Egon volcano

Today you get up before sunrise to climb the Egon volcano. The volcano is 1,700 meters high and one of the most active volcanoes in Flores. The climb is steep, rocky and challenging. When you reach the top, you can see how active the volcano is as steam is still rising from the crater. You enjoy the sunrise and the view before slowly descending. After descending, you hike a bit further to reach a nearby hot spring. Hidden in the jungle, you enjoy a relaxing bath after the physical exertion. Back to the hotel and free afternoon.


2 h drive. 4 to 5 h excursion. With English speaking local guide. Accommodation: comfort hotel. Meals: breakfast.

Coastal road in Maumere Flores Indonesia

Road along the coast in Maumere

On top of Inerie volcano

Above the clouds

Day 7: Maumere - Maumere airport

Visit the local market of Gelinting and transfer to Maumere airport

Today is your last day in Flores. Before you are transferred to Maumere airport, you visit the local market of Gelinting. Get ready to be overwhelmed by the smells, the people and the roosters. This huge market sells fruits and vegetables, clothes and also ikats. After that, your driver brings you to the airport for your onward flight. 

20 min drive. With English speaking local guide. Meals: breakfast.

Price and conditions

Price per guest, based on a shared double room:

Single guest
1 370€

2 guests

3 to 6 guests 


  • 6 nights in standard hotels

  • Tours as per itinerary

  • Private driver

  • Private english speaking local guide from day 1 to day 6

  • All transfers

  • All entrance fees

  • Meals: breakfast only


  • Any flights

  • Additional drinks and personal expenses

  • Costs for excess luggage

  • Tips

  • Any hiking equipment

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