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Tranquil village life




  • The traditions of the Ngada clans 

  • An immersion among the villagers

  • A 2-day trekking adventure with night at the local's house

  • The discovery of Rendu Ola

Day 1: Ende airport - Bajawa

Arrival in Ende and transfer to Bajawa

You arrive in Ende and meet your driver who brings you to your hotel in the mountain resort of Bajawa, in the Ngada region. In Bajawa, you meet Ryan, your guide for the rest of the tour. Ryan was born into a traditional Ngada clan. His knowledge of the clan's culture and rituals were passed on to him by his father. With him today you visit the hot spring Mengeruda and then a small hot waterfall surrounded by rice fields.


3 to 4 h drive. With English speaking local guide. Accommodation: standard hotel. 

Day 2: Bajawa - Belaraghi

Full day trekking in the jungle and overnight stay with the locals

Ryan picks you up early in the morning and you start your 2 days/ 1 night trek through the mountain jungle. You drive to the starting point and it takes 6 to 7 hours to reach the destination: the village of Belaraghi. This village is very remote and authentic and rarely receives visitors. The trail passes by isolated river farms and you often have a great view of the coast. Arriving in Belaraghi, you are invited to a traditional house and as tradition would have it, the inhabitants prepare a welcome ceremony for you. A chicken is sacrificed and wiped into your hands as a symbol of welcome and blessing. You then have dinner with the host family before retiring to sleep on a light bamboo mattress on the floor.


20 min drive. 6 to 7 h walk. With English speaking local guide. Accommodation: night in a traditional homestay. Meals: full board.

The Ngada village of Bena, Flores, Indonesia

The traditional Ngada village of Bena

Bena village is part of the oldest Ngada village of Central Flores, Indonesia

Bena village

Day 3: Belaraghi - Rendu Ola

Second day of trekking in the jungle and transfer to Rendu Ola

You wake up in Belaraghi and enjoy a morning walk through the village. After a local breakfast, you thank your hosts and start walking down to meet your driver again. You drive to the very remote village of Rendu Ola. On the way you will make a first stop at Boa Wae Market, the largest market in Flores, selling fruits, vegetables, livestock and ikats, among other things. Then you set off again to discover the village of Boa Wae, home to the last king of Flores. Finally, you arrive in the village of Rendu Ola, which has only about twenty inhabitants. You enter a village that seems to have fallen out of time. The traditional houses surround the imposing ancestor statue in the center of the village. As is tradition, you are welcomed into the village with a ceremony. Afterwards, you have dinner with the host family before sleeping on a light bamboo mattress in their traditional house.

90 min walk. 2 h drive. With English speaking local guide. Accommodation: at the inhabitant. Meals: Full board.

Day 4: Rendu Ola - Ende airport

Rendu Ola waterfall and back to Ende airport

After an early local breakfast, you thank your hosts and head through the jungle to the hidden waterfall of Rendu Ola, one of the most impressive waterfalls in Flores. It takes about 2 hours to reach this untouched and hardly visited place. Then you hike on to the next village, Jawatiwa, where your driver is waiting for you. Transfer to Ende airport for your departure flight.


2 to 3 h hike. 3 to 4 h drive. With English speaking local guide. Accommodation: standard hotel. Meals: breakfast.

Price and conditions

Price per guest, based on a shared double room:

Single guest
1 080€

2 guests

3 to 6 guests 


  • 3 nights at the inhabitants

  • Tours as per itinerary

  • Private driver

  • Private english speaking local guide

  • All transfers

  • All entrance fees

  • Meals: full board from day 2 to day 4


  • Any flight

  • Additional drinks and personal expenses

  • Costs for excess luggage

  • Tips

  • Any trekking equipment

  • Sleeping bag for the trek

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